Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Fourth of July: 2016

The last couple of years we have approached the Fourth of July with very little expectations. It's an overwhelming holiday (the fireworks! the firetrucks! candy being pelted at you from moving vehicles!), especially for Abby. I touched a little on what makes Abby special, here, and we are extra sensitive to what will unnecessarily put her in a bad situation.

This year was no different. But, we went into the holiday much more educated, with Abby being a lot more grown up and prepared. We kicked off the weekend viewing fireworks from the beach (another town's celebration) so the fireworks were a decent distance away. These were the first fireworks we've attended in years! While Abby was nervous, she rocked it (hiding in a blanket for half the show, but determined to be brave). 

Monday, the holiday, we wheeled Abby's bike (her prize for pooping on the toilet - go ahead, judge, but when you have four year old who finally consents to that task, you buy her whatever she wants!), decked in streamers, across the street to participate in the kid's parade. 

A quick trip the park behind our house for face painting, afternoon naps, followed by not one, but two (!!) swimming parties and barbecues, and finally more fireworks! (this show was a whole lot more intense. Abby didn't watch a single firework, cried through half of it, but when we tried to leave, she insisted on being brave. break my mama heart!) The firework celebration in New Canaan could not have felt more American. People camped out on blankets while the New Canaan Town Band played live music, and food truck charged one arm for a slice of pizza (welcome to Fairfield, County Connecticut, folks!). We will definitely be adding that celebration to our family traditions.

We feel so lucky to live in our little New England corner of this great country, freely! 

Friday, July 29, 2016

Father's Day: 2016 Edition

You guys, this dad should be celebrated every single day. Unfortunately, I'm short-sided and ignorant, so he gets far less recognition than he deserves. But, he rocks the socks off this fatherhood gig. Thanks for loving us, Babe. And for pretending to be surprised when you opened the (yet another) dress shirt that you already saw in the closet. You're, quite literally, the greatest dad ever.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Newport, RI

We got the crazy idea to take advantage of Dustin taking Friday off (for the concert in The City), and planned a quick, overnight trip to Newport, RI. Best decision! Despite being stuck in traffic on the way there (solved by and impulse DVD player purchase I made the day before), we had a blast. Abby looked forward to the hotel and swimming far more than anything else. But, she (along with the rest of us) quickly got caught up in the glamour of the mansions. We kicked it off with a visit to the Marble House, Dustin and Abby hit two more tours while I sat with Evie as she took a much needed nap in the car, then we hit lunch at Corner Cafe, on reccomendation from a friend. (Eat.there.tomorrow!) We wrapped up our trip trekking through the pouring rain to the Breakers.

We will definitely be back. Abby loved the self guided tours, often pointing out parts of the architecture we didn't notice. I hear the decorate for Christmas; you know I'm all about that.

^^a quick pit stop to stretch (after being stuck in traffic, doubling the driving time) and eat some yummy seaside seafood.

^^Abby declared each mansion a castle, obvious, being the princess she is

^^what seemed like overnight, this girl developed quite the attitude on this trip

^^Abby (Elsa, rather) wrapping up her performance, "...tell the guards to open up the gates!"

Sunday, July 24, 2016

A Quick Interruption of Random Thoughts

I'm desperately trying to catch up on this blog, strictly for journaling purposes. This is truly the easiest way for me to document my family's lives. My girls are changing every second. Making me laugh every day (and sometimes, cry too). So, I'm going to interrupt this blog catch up to vomit out what's on my mind and post some pictures Dustin snapped that capture  my girls so perfectly right now. I'm so scared that life is busy and crazy and mundane that I'll forget it. I don't want to forget my life right now!

Abby gets funnier, more observant, even more sensitive, and spirited every day. Just the other day, after a glamorous dinner at Taco Bell, Abby told me, "Belle must have a lot of Tacos under her dress. You know, 'Taco Bell?'" That's my kind of ball gown, baby girl. Girlfriend lives like a princess, and we are all her subjects. In Disneyland last week, she told Tinkerbell: "I'm a princess because sometimes my mom and dad call me that." But, she refuses to cut her hair, certain that she will lose her powers, and her hair will turn brown, if it gets cut. I'm not sure if she is channeling her inner Samson or Rapunzel. 

Evie is independent and fiery. Sister never holds still; she is running, climbing, and attempting to kill me by heart attack all day. She always looks like a ragamuffin, hair wild, food on her face, and in dirty clothes. But man, she is living her best life. This weekend she has had a fever of about 102*, keeping her snuggling in my lap. It breaks my heart to have her sick, but man alive I love the extra snuggles. 

The girls keep me busy, exhausted, really. I'm working hard to feel better and so I welcome the busy life. Between the girls, swimming, the beach, vacations, upcoming visitors, trying to squeeze in time with Dustin somewhere in there, and even more upcoming vacation (yay!) the summer is flying by. It's been a good one, this summer. 

I spend everyday wondering how all our money goes to Costco, why cars have to break, and how time is flying so freaking fast. And, there's always the ever present question in my mind lately: Why is Jim on the Bachelorette? I mean, does Pam know?!

We the Kings on Fox and Friends

Somehow, I got the crazy idea to drag my family to The City when I heard We the Kings would be playing on Fox and Friends. A couple of issues: the concert started at six o'clock (in the morning!), and...okay, that was the only issue. But, it meant that we would need to leave by five o'clock. But, the idea was planted and Dustin knew not to try and deter me (honestly, he was equally as excited as me - a long time fan of the band, long before I was!). 

So, we followed through. Trekked to the city a few minutes after five, found parking an hour after arrival (typical, thanks for nothing, NYC), and checked Twitter - only to find out that the band was actually playing at eight o'clock. So, we snagged some breakfast at out go to - McDonald's (judge us, but at least I'm honest. The rest of you like McDonald's, too. You just lie about it.) and then headed to the venue. 

The band was great, I dug deep and drug up enough bravery to introduce myself to Jenny (the wife of the lead singer). Being the well composed person I am, I blurted introductions and how much I admired her and asked for a picture all in one breath and then ran away. 

We danced and sang along with Travis. Evie ate it up, Abby plugged her ears and asked to take a nap (a reasonable request), but when we got in the car she promptly started singing along to their greatest hits. 

We made a quick walk around Rockefeller, stopped at the M&M store, and then set off for Newport (post to come!), all before 10 am. 

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

That's a Wrap: Preschool, Year One

Mid-June, Abby wrapped up her first year of preschool. The improvements she made were incredible, and all at the hands of her awesome teachers. The loved my girl, like I love my girl. She was seen as an individual, accepted for all that she is, and taught all that she could learn.  Putting her in school this year was one of the hardest decisions we've made (financially, emotionally and everything else). A whole bunch of tears and prayer went into the decision. And with a snap of our fingers (really, with one phone call) everything fell into place for her to attend this Early Learning Program. The biggest blessing and proof we are not in charge here. 

This school year Abby has learned to cope in social situations, she communicates calmly, she writes her name, listens to instructions, and so much more (helllllllo potty trained child!). I take zero responsibility for this, and owe it all to her teachers. They took my spirited, sensitive girl and taught her things I couldn't - while loving and accepting her in every way. 

So, while wrapping up a preschool year is not monumental to some - it is huge for us. And to our Abby Lynn, stay wild and weird. Girlfriend, you're one step closer to ruling the world.

Memorial Day: 2016 Edition

Memorial Day weekend started off with a bang and Dustin getting off work early (hallelujah!). We ate fast food (resulting in some sick bellies), spent Sunday afternoon on the beach (is there any other way?), and watched the parade right outside our front door on Monday morning. We wrapped up the weekend with a trip to the Danbury mall, a carousel ride, and more fast food (long weekends are not for cooking). 


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