Sunday, October 2, 2016

That Time We Took Disneyland

This post is long overdue and will be very overwhelming. But, here it is. We joined the rest of the Ackerman Clan to take Disneyland in July (a late celebration of Patty's graduation and birthday). I'll try to keep my commentary to a minimum, but I have no control over the excessive pictures. 

The first stop was the teacups, at Abby's request. She had watched countless Disneyland videos on Youtube in anticipation of the vacation. She was an expert by the time we arrived, navigating us through the park from ride to ride. I'm not even exaggerating.

Meeting Mickey was one of the first moments I fell in head over heels in love with Disney. Abby was super hesitant as she approached him. She was scooped up in conversation with Mickey's 'helper' and felt safe and assured - giving Mickey a giant hug without thinking twice. I definitely cried. 

Abby's one character request all along was to meet Jessie. 

As we entered Cars Land, Abby yelled, "It's real! It's the best day of my whole life!" 

After three days in the park, we took a break on Sunday to go to church and hit the beach in the afternoon. We were in heaven with the big waves and extra soft sand. 

Evie was on the trip, too. Though not a fan of the characters, she did love the rides- as always, was mad when she had to sit on a lap (this child wants to be 13).

We stole away with Grandma Patty and Grandpa John for an hour one morning for a little special time. Love soaking up these two and especially love how much they love our girls. 

The Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique was definitely a highlight. Grandma Patty took Abby and Lexi for a special visit. Abby still talks about it nearly everyday (three months later). 

A special run in with the Fairy Godmother leaving the park that day. 

Dustin wasn't there when Abby walked out of the Boutique. So, when she saw him, she ran to greet him - declaring him her "prince."

A princess and her noise cancelling headphones. 

Sure do love this family of ours beyond words. 

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Fourth of July: 2016

The last couple of years we have approached the Fourth of July with very little expectations. It's an overwhelming holiday (the fireworks! the firetrucks! candy being pelted at you from moving vehicles!), especially for Abby. I touched a little on what makes Abby special, here, and we are extra sensitive to what will unnecessarily put her in a bad situation.

This year was no different. But, we went into the holiday much more educated, with Abby being a lot more grown up and prepared. We kicked off the weekend viewing fireworks from the beach (another town's celebration) so the fireworks were a decent distance away. These were the first fireworks we've attended in years! While Abby was nervous, she rocked it (hiding in a blanket for half the show, but determined to be brave). 

Monday, the holiday, we wheeled Abby's bike (her prize for pooping on the toilet - go ahead, judge, but when you have four year old who finally consents to that task, you buy her whatever she wants!), decked in streamers, across the street to participate in the kid's parade. 

A quick trip the park behind our house for face painting, afternoon naps, followed by not one, but two (!!) swimming parties and barbecues, and finally more fireworks! (this show was a whole lot more intense. Abby didn't watch a single firework, cried through half of it, but when we tried to leave, she insisted on being brave. break my mama heart!) The firework celebration in New Canaan could not have felt more American. People camped out on blankets while the New Canaan Town Band played live music, and food truck charged one arm for a slice of pizza (welcome to Fairfield, County Connecticut, folks!). We will definitely be adding that celebration to our family traditions.

We feel so lucky to live in our little New England corner of this great country, freely! 


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