Home Is Where the Heart Is

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If it is true that home is where the heart is, it would verify my longing for home--or where my heart is. This semester has been an emotional roller coaster of stress, anxiety, motivation, uncertainty...I don't think I have to continue for my point to be made. Needless to say, homesickness has been pretty prevalent in my daily routine. I just didn't realize before now that homesickness can be caused from a variety of sources. I can now say I have come to that realization.
*Missing my best friend, who fits every definition of the term, can lead to symptoms of homesickness. Having him traipsing away in Australia doesn't make the situation any easier. Knowing that he loves it, and is doing the right thing...does ease the pain, but not enough...neither does the anticipation of waiting for a letter...without the key to a mailbox.
*Having my only link to home, and another best friend, prioritize over me. That'll do it...
*Working in an ideal office and then having to leave. Starting a new job. Going from the all-knowing to all-new. Homesick for work, my story gets more pathetic.
*Going into a new program, at a new school. Having to get used to different teacher styles of teaching and testing. Homesick for High School, and Lynda Hamblin... See, I told you it got worse.
*Being away from my family during the summertime, the best time, during all the vacations, family parties, neighborhood get-togethers etc. To sum it up, family bonding. Normally I would complain about too much "family bondage," but not this week, this week I long for the captivity.

There's no place like home.

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  1. I know all about being homesick. Change stinks, but it's good for us (at least that's what my dad says). I love your candid writing style. I'm sending your blog to the fam so they can also be entertained. Keep posting.