Kia--the Sephia

by - 9:53:00 PM

Let me introduce you to my trusty little Kia. Kia is small, travel size for your convenience. Manual, utilizing just enough of a clutch to let you feel like you need it, but it's not really necessary. She comes adorned with a dashboard that is raising with age, and yogurt stains on the seats. She makes low moaning sounds with even the slightest pressure on the gas peddle. Sometimes she even jerks, almost like she is going to come to a complete stop mid-drive, just to give you a little heart stopping thrill. She has a unique feature of a shattered front window, which refuses to cave, her tire jack comes minus the jack, and sometimes the windows refuse to role up straight and on track--especially noticeable on rainy days.
She never lets me down, (unless you count the 2 blown out tires, and completely stopping once mid-exit) this car has pulled through countless times, and given a performance of a car a decade younger. She has endured countless trips to Vegas due to our vain need of orthodontics, she has transported me and endless friends on excursions varying from the grocery store to Southern Utah to Rexburg...and beyond. She handles the snow well, just not the ice. She can brave the wind, just not when it's blowing. She loves to take nighttime strolls, but cannot very often due to the fact she is usually missing a headlight.
Today my little Kia took the worst beating yet. Traveling through small construction in Idaho Falls, coming home from work, The car in front of her unexpectedly slammed on it's breaks. No match for the Lexus, Kia's hood was massacred. Her front fender bruised, and her poor license plate mutilated.
She has fought a good fight, I just may have to admit to her, and to myself, that she has finished her race.

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