Just Because a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

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Too tempting. We are aware that it is lame to have this posted on a cone...so we helped out the community and took it off their hands.
Preparing for our daring adventure. Ok, so it's not daring at all, but we're in Rexburg at 2 in the a.m. on a Saturday night. What else can you expect?

As proud as new parents.

17 Again, and again...

And again...and again...

It's become common knowledge, and quite the joke, that I have an oversized mouth. It has always been known that I will do just about anything come 11 p.m. That's about 4 pieces of bread and 23 mini marshmallows. Don't be too jealous.

What started out as an innocent round of High School Musical 3, The Board Game, soon became a brawl with a native of Disneyland.

Me and Jennifer

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  1. I do believe it's a felony to steal a sign. Don't worry, I won't turn you in.