Life Lessons Learned... The Hard Way

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The other day one of my really good friends said, "You don't have to make the mistakes to learn them." What I would have given to have her tell me that 3 years ago. I always learn things the hard way; there is a large possibility that has to do with my personality...

Let me share some of my recent life lessons with you:

**This semester I have had to learn that I am not working to put myself through a social life, but working to put myself through school. Yuck.

**People don't always think about what they say. For example, the other day a patient called the OB-GYN office I work at and asked, "Do you do pap smears there?" My initial reaction: "What was your first clue? The OB, or the GYN?" But, I've learned to bite my tongue.

**Blind dates never work out, ever. At least not for me.

**Always get things in writing; that way there is proof when others go back on their word.

**Money does not grow on trees.

**Laughter is the BEST medicine.

**Always securely attach the toilet paper to the holder.

**Cells are the smallest form of life, and very boring.

**High School Musical 3-the board game can, and most likely will, turn into violence.

**School is a lot more enjoyable when there is a purpose (or when you are majoring in something you are interested in).

**Some things you cannot change--and you have accept them.

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  1. Sounds like you learned a lot of good lessons my dear. You are so very wise.