Documentation of My Uneventful Life

by - 7:18:00 PM

I want to apologize now for the sudden plethora of pictures. Believe it or not they come as a result of popular demand.

Here are a few more

Obviously I was awake for this picture, but Heidi walked in the apartment from class that day and found me sound asleep on the love seat...otter pop wrapper and all.
It was recreated for memories sake.

What was supposed to be a day "dune jumping" turned into a day full of constant teasing and torture. Although the boys instigated it all, we couldn't help but join in on this one.
*note: this was not the worst of the torment; driving home my door flew open...Darren's hand outside his window a pretty blatant suspect.
Shooting for F.H.E. is guaranteed to be a night not soon to be forgotten. One of the guys on narcotics due to a 6x fractured skull validated this statement even further.

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