A Fifth of A Century

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June 24, 2009 marked an extraordinary 20 years for me. Despite the bawling, hysterics, and initial denial of leaving the teen years behind, it was a fantastic day.
Here's a quick re-cap:

The fam came to take me out to dinner after work.

Some of the kids and me after dinner

This is the reaction of a girl who just realized the only gifts I'm going to receive from here on out are the necessities.

They even brought my favorite cake! It was so fun to have them!!!

When I got back to my apartment, I was partially surprised (would have been a full blown surprise had Heidi not called 2 times on my way back asking where I was...just 'cause she "missed me.")
Again, the best cake on the planet was awaiting me. I will never get sick of the Fun Fetti Cake. But, it's got to have the right frosting!
As you can see, we all just dug in.

Tanya loves it too. I'm pretty sure this is before she challenged me to a contest to see who could finish off the most cake the fastest. I still don't understand why she even bothers, it's apparent I come out victorious every time. Maybe she just likes to see me moaning in pain afterwards.

The frosting is precious stuff. It cannot be wasted!

The FHE brothers graced us with their presence, they bring the party with them!
**Notice Zac Efron proposing in the background...the ultimate birthday present.

The High School Musical washcloth. They know me all too well.

Heidi and me a the quesadilla/birthday party a few days later. What would I do without her?
***Don't I have the best friends and family?***

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