Me Vs. My Sisters

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Let's be honest, growing up with a bunch of sisters can be rough. Sharing a bathroom in my house often leads to beatings with the blow drier. Car rides lead to making fun the other girl's taste in boys or hair styles. Feelings get hurt when opinions are asked, even though they did ask for the honest opinion. Clothes and accessories are used without asking...leading to more get the point. Being the oldest, I always thought I would always remain "one step ahead." And truth be told, I most things. For instance, I am the tallest (although Morgan is catching up rather quickly). I remain in the lead for the most drama caused for ridiculous reasons. I have gone the longest without doing laundry. I have the biggest shoe size, and mouth. I love "High School Musical" more than the other girls. I am the only one with a driver's licence.
But, they have got me on one thing. Beauty. I'm afraid I'll never catch up. You be the judge:


(and yes, I am slightly embarrassed.)



Aren't they gorgeous?



Brooke and Sydney

Need I say more? I rest my case. They are BEAUTIFUL. Someday, I'll grow up to be just like them! Well, at least we can hope.

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  1. Alright goes my first stalker comment....need I remind you AGAIN of just how beautiful you are? Need I go that far AGAIN. Apparently you have forgotten. I think you're what if you say your immature sometimes (you know, firecracker graperuit ;) anyway I think you are gorgeous. Don't be so hard on yourself. Stop...your too pretty for your own good and don't even know it ;)

  2. And you are the head "beauty queen"--the first and original!

  3. Gotta go with Julie on this one. They may be gorgeous but no gorgeouser than you!