An Old Maid...At the Age of 20

by - 4:09:00 PM

Recently I have started to feel...well, like an old maid. Don't get me wrong, I'm in now way, shape, or form ready to get married. Neither am I looking for marriage. But, let's be honest, when all of your friends are starting to settle down...and even beginning families, it's a little hard not to feel ancient.
I love the "college life." I mean, check out my transcripts, for a couple of semesters there you would see I loved it a little too much. But, right now I feel like I am leading a life of a person twice my age. Working full time--at an office where everyone is married and established (even tonight I get to attend a work party full of married people and their children...and me. I hope they set a place for me at the kids table), taking classes at night...without the establishment a person twice my age should have. Isn't there a balance somewhere?
The whole "married when you are young" thing really was popular with people my age...leaving me feeling one step behind.
So, I guess my question is, am I wrong in thinking I am young enough to stay in this stage of life longer?

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  1. It absolutely makes me crazy that people get married so young. What's the rush? Seriously! Girls need time to find themselves, and believe me, although people think they are mature at your age, they're not. I did most of my growing up in my early twenties. It's a great time to have adventures. Your priorities should be school and yourself. Let's face it, there's never another time in life when the focus is primarily on you. All of my friends who married young now tell me they wish they would've waited. Believe me, you'll never regret enjoying singlehood.

  2. To every thing there is a season . . . you know the rest. You are in a wonderful growing, learning one, so enjoy it. It will serve you the rest of your life.

  3. Oh, I think you should just rush out and find a guy (any guy will do) and get married right away and start making babies. That way you won't need shoes and you will get the chance to stay home and live in a trailer park. You can also whine about how you never got to do anything with your life. This has a proven track record and makes everyone who follows it extremely happy and fulfilled. Trust me.