Patients have Virtue

by - 9:32:00 PM

I'm always working in the Doctor's office, never the patient. Today I played the role of patient and it really threw me off.
For example, waiting rooms are really awkward. Half of the chairs are facing each other, so even if you try to sit in the corner away from everyone, like I tried to do, you still look directly at the rest of the nasty, infected people. The ones you aren't looking at somehow send their snotty nose kids over to you to read them a story. Then some lady you haven't ever seen before calls your name at the top of her lungs, like she's known you for ages, makes you weigh yourself in front of her and asks you your whole life history. By then, you may as well have known each other for ages. Then a doctor comes in and invades your personal space then abruptly leaves the room. I assumed he would be back in pretty quick, as I am familiar with the test he was running, but no, another 20 minutes later he wanders back in, announces what was wrong with me, asks if I have any questions, and wishes me luck-telling me to "hang a right" at the corner.
Really? This really makes me question the sanity of the patients who make regular appearances to their physician.

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  1. You need to discuss this with Marybeth. She has some hilarious stories about her patients.

  2. Are you telling me you have never been caught up in the weirdness of medical care? Come now. Some people just don't have a memory. Publish a book of memories from the staff. It would sell big and you'd be RICH!!!