Sydney Belle

by - 1:02:00 PM

For those of you who are not acquainted with my sister, Sydney, I'm very sorry. Syd was born with more personality in her right toe than most people develop over a lifetime.

One day, while helping Dad at his office, I opened up his dry-erase board and this is what I found. I think it explains Syd perfectly.

(Translation: 1. Hey pops if you are ever stressed out remember, that your a harrison. (a.k.a.) harry son. 2. dad if your ever worried remember your name is lance so just dance. 3. dady if your ever depred (depressed?) remember your middle name karel (I assume that's Syd's spelling of Karl). and that will remind you of Kendon. Kendon will remind you of all of us and then you'll be happy.
O&X Sydney)

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