"To A Young Heart Everything is Fun."--Charles Dickens

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This semester has been interesting to say the least. Full of ups and downs, it has sure kept me on my toes. Thanks to good friends and the fact that laughter can cure anything (except an Anatomy and Physiology test) I am making it.
Once again, a plethora of pictures. Sadly enough, I'm sure there will be more to come. (I'll try to explain a little with each one to curb my apparent insanity-that is if it is curb able...)

Sleepover at the FHE brothers. They have a tendency to steal the covers off my bed, as it is right next to the window on the balcony. This picture is the first time it happened. These boys have impeccable timing. One minute I was in my room, left for about 45 seconds, and returned to a bare mattress. We hauled over to their apartment carrying blankets and pillows, determined to sleep at their apartment. It lasted about 3 minutes before guilt got to us. Consciences work double time at BYU-I.

Ali is trying to pick up her longboarding skills. Enough said.

The same FHE brothers didn't realize who they were messing with. The pranks have been going all semester, but we have always come out on top. Just to name a few: filling one's car with packaged tartar sauce and toilet paper, crawling through the bedroom window-as they sat 2 feet away-and stealing the keys to a car, borrowing all of their shoes, and writing for sale on a few cars (along with a phone number of one of the guys)...you get the idea. This picture is perhaps one of the best. It included all the lightbulbs in the apartment, the shower curtain, and all of the bedroom doors may or may not have locked behind us as we shut them. This picture is us popping out the screen to the bedroom window, as we took pity on them. Ha, little did we realize they had locked their window too...oops.

Girl's night on Halloween. High ponies, pop, pizza, glow stick dance party, car paint etc. You get the point. Highly entertaining, and much needed. Heidi says we need to work on my picture face. I say we need to work on the laundry. The soul reason of this picture being posted is so everyone can witness my hair--it is the longest it has been in years...and on the verge of being cut.
Thirsty Thursday at Horkley's. 0.33 drinks...it's tradition
Bonfires are pretty frequent this semester. We are becoming pretty familiar with the sand dunes.
I recognize I have not made this go-around in good ol' Rexburg seem very enjoyable, I lie. I have the best roomates I've had in a long, long time. I have friends that make me laugh, when they aren't making me cry. The mailman has taken recent pity on me, and brought me some great surprises. I have a great job...dipping urine...but alas, pee is sterile.

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