My Best Friend's Wedding

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Even before my senior year in high school, when Jessica and I started doing a lot together, I have a million memories of Jess. She is just one of those friends, you know, the friend that is always your friend, even when you aren't really "friends". The best of the best.

What brought us together was the Halloween dance our Senior Year. We took the ACT and then spent the day together preparing for the dance that would totally flop.

But, that was the beginning, and the rest is history. Jess and I did everything together. We didn't date together. We took French together. We sluffed Teacher's Aide together. We drove our teachers crazy...together. All teachers dreaded the classes we had together.

We finished everything together, we looked forward to college together. We cried together, we laughed together. We hated people together, and loved people together.

We went to dances in the same group, we watched Miss Congeniality together and ate sour gummies countless Friday nights. We made snow cones in her bedroom.

We went to college together. And Jess remained my best friend.

Jess is living at home in Preston this semester, and our schedules are completely opposite each other, so, I called her a couple weeks ago to see how her first date with Derik had gone...only a couple weeks previously. She paused when I asked, and said, "Lyss, I have so much to tell you." I very sarcastically accused her of being engaged. When there was no response, I repeated the accusation again, and again...getting dramatically louder every time.

Then she confirmed it. I was shocked.

I finally heard the whole story today. It is fast...super fast. But, she is the happiest I have EVER seen her. I got to see her ring, and talk to her about the good qualities he has. I guess the best friend's approval doesn't matter much now there is a ring on the finger.

It's Jess and Derik now, not Jess and Alyssa. I'm still in shock, it's really hard for me to get through my overly thick skull, but oddly enough I've never been happier for her. He better realize what a good thing he's got.

The best part is what she told me today: "Lyss, I miss you. I need you to be a part of this."

Because, I really hope our friendship never ends.

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  1. I just heard about this. It is very hard on a best friend. Mine was married a few years before I was. But, as with all hard things in life, you will help her and wish her well.

  2. All of my best friends were married before I. I remember how difficult it was at the time. The thing about college is that things and people are constantly changing. It's definitely tough, but a valuable lesson. People are in our lives at particular times for special reasons. Sometimes it's only a few moments and other times much longer. One day it will be you with the sparkly rock on your finger (from personal experience, I advise waiting several years), I am certain she will be there giggling right along with you.

  3. Calitra! I could've cried! Not that this has happened to me yet...but that doesn't mean in not affraid that it won't. 'Cause goodness know I am pal! Life, what we do with it...and what we'd do without it :) She loves you, you're her side-kick and partner in crime. She can't forget you and will NEVER EVER! I just know these things. Well pal...enough stalking for today! Talk to you later friend!!