2009: In a Nutshell

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I know I'm late, but I wanted to summarize just a few highlights from 2009.

In 2009 I:

Threw my sister the best surprise "sweet 16" party. We faked her out and made her believe nobody showed for this party she wasn't supposed to find out about. Then when she came home, totally bummed, everyone was there waiting. Perfection.

Sent Elder Adam Hales to Brisbane, Australia on a 2 year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints.

Rolled Easter eggs with the family in Preston. It's tradition.
(Jenny came to visit)

Helped Haylee get ready for her first prom...twice. The second time we managed in 20 minutes. I'm a firm believer in miracles.

Hung out with the family, worked at Dr. Gibby's, and lived with Grandma Bonnie.

Drug Heidi to Richfield for spring break with the family, 3 days after having my gall bladder removed. We hung out with the Pizza Boys, and then headed up to Conference. She's the best of the best.

Moved back to Rexburg, met Tanya, and bonded with my roommates...sometimes our bonding was illegal.

Turned 20.

Personally kept '17 Again' going in the box office.

Went to Richfield for the Fourth. We sat in the shade at the parade for the first time.
And, ate at the Rice King Buffet. Of course.

Met Darren, went shooting...seeing as that's what you do with Darren.

Met Ali, and supported the Bengals. Who Dey!
(I use the term support extremely loosely. We hung a banner, stolen from Brynn, and yelled 'Who Dey' whenever we could.)

Discovered 'Thirsty Thursday' at Horkley's

Played on a soccer team for the school with my roommates.

Had amazing roommate bonding time, yet again. It was legal this time, although the glow stick dance party was pushing the limits.

Met Taylor and Brynn; there are too many adventures to recount here. This one was the middle of the night 'Soapys Auto Wash'...I drove, they rode on top.

More bonding with Taylor, Brynn, and Jon.

Took breaks from homework on Saturday afternoons

Finally learned the muscle contraction in Anatomy and Physiology...after many painful hours

Met my 'safe boys'
Pictured above: Garret and Adam
Pictured below: Nick and Chad

Saw Benton Paul and David Archuleta in concert.
Overall, I met some amazing people who have changed me completely. Got some good family bondage in, and got a great job. Kept plugging through school, even though sometimes it sounded so good to give up.
2009 taught me that there are some things you can't change, and you have to learn to accept them. Not only accept them, but why not make them the best they can be, and get some laughs along the way?

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  1. I see a recurring theme in your pictures that I do not appreciate. It's the BYU shirt. It must go, Alyssa. I am personally willing to contribute to a better shirt for you. Bet my parents would pitch in as well.

  2. I'll buy you a whole wardrobe of BYU shirts if you would like Alyssa. I'll throw in a job whenever you need it AND a visit with Katie. Ditch the Westerbergs. They are trouble.