Australian Open: Broadcast Live

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We received an invitation last night to attend the Australian Open: Murray vs Federer; Live from Sydney, Australia...broadcast in Campus View Apartment #5.
The time difference was taken into consideration, and promptly dismissed.
The conversation between Brynn and me went something like this:
(our apartment at approx. 11:30pm after watching John Q-possibly the best movie ever made)
B: You coming tonight?
A: Um, yeah! Why wouldn't I?!
B: Sweet. Better go decorate. Just kidding, we won't go that far.
(Texting, 5 mins later)
B: Ok, so we are decorating.
A: HAHAHA I cannot WAIT to see!
B: Anyone else from your apartment coming? We want as many people as possible.
A: I'll see what I can do.
B: This is how we separate the girls from the awesome girls.
A: Alyssa=top of the awesome list
B: If you show up tonight there is no comparison, especially if you follow the tennis theme.
A: Like a sweat band? I'm from Preston. I have sweat bands...with Zac Efron on one even.
B: HAHAHAHA!! Perfect!!


Ok, somehow it ended up a little '80s themed. I don't know how really. But it was hot. Promise, looks can be deceiving.

Somehow we ended up at the temple parking lot. I think it went something like this: Maverick (it's the only thing open at that hour in Rexburg. Yeah, even Walmart is closed.) Then we had extra time. This is post parking lot dance party, next to the couple parked up there. I'm sure they were just talking.

Oh, and quick stop at RedBox fit in there somewhere. I've checked every single one I pass for "This Is It" and have had no luck. Until this overly lucky night. I was a little excited.

I do regret not getting pictures of the boys' outfits: Brynn in an orange button up and matching cardigan (why he had that on hand? I do not ever want to know) with glasses perched on his head (left over 3D glasses from "Avatar"); Taylor and Porter sporting homemade sweat bands and arm bands (made from cut shirts and socks); Taylor rolled up his khaki pants for the occasion. Jake...who knows. Wore glasses without the lenses. I'm still trying to figure out how that related to tennis.
The night ended like this: 4:15 am we wandered home, made reservations with our new MJ poster (everything is funnier at 5 in the am)
Brynn text me to announce the champion:
B: Federer wins!!!
A: Way to call it Brynnly, way to go against the crowd.
B: 74% of voters were rooting for Fed too, you all were going against the grain, I'm a go-with-the-flower
A: I had no idea who either were. Let's see what percent of people were like me.
B: Not many people who didn't know/care watched this match at 3 in the morning, congratulations on being the minority. I'm proud of you.
A: Sometimes people ask me how come I'm so sensitive to minorities? I know first hand how hard it is to be a minority in America. I'm thinking of moving to California to become one. (that's "Glee," by the way.)
B: And that's how Sue...C's it.
I finally slumped into bed a little after 5.

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