Elder Hales

by - 5:14:00 PM

Meet Elder Adam Hales.

A little about him:
  • He really likes to surf; he is really good.
  • He happens to be serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of LatterDay Saints in Brisbane, Australia--known for the world's best surfing.
  • He likes to think he is gangster, and has dubbed himself a "G-Unit." I just let him believe that.
  • I met Elder Hales, as Adam, when he came to school at BYU-ID in the Fall of 2007, just like me. That's how we met, in the same singles ward.
  • He really likes 'meat pies' and tuna fish sandwiches.
  • He thinks he looks like Jesse McCartney. Sometimes, he does. It's pretty freaky.
  • He loves music, and especially singing. In my ear. On the phone.
  • He is a hard worker, but really likes to play too. A good balance.
  • It just so happens he is my best friend.

Today, I have really been missing him. I get that way every once in a while-when I need a best friend. He's pretty good at filling that role.

But, I am more than willing to share my best friend right now. He is doing what he needs to be doing, and helping in a way that only he can.

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