Preston First Ward

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I adore my home ward. I love how close everyone is; it literally just feels like an extended family. But, more than anything, I love the entertainment (most of it is contributed by my family, but due to embarrassment's sake, I won't include those). For example:
**The time the Steadman kid puked during the primary program. He was standing in front of the bishop, leaning over the railing. My friend, who was visiting, leaned over to me and said, "That kid looks like he is going to be sick!" Literally moments later, he leaned over the ledge and vomited. And then continued on with the song. Yes, my father is still determined to sit on the front row.
**Or how about the conversation about my hair with Brother Jensen. It went something like this:
BJ: "My daughter wants to color her hair but doesn't know what color to do. I really like yours, what color is it?"
Me: "Blonde?"
BJ: "Naw...that can't be it. I was thinking more along the lines of...silver."
Me: "You mean gold?"
BJ: "No, I mean silver."
**Or the time the lady sang her testimony. She stood up on the middle of the pew, so the deacons brought her the microphone. She stood, and started to sing her own song. About her dead dog. Classic.
**On the topic of testimony meeting, let's talk about Clark Condie. The man that threw a football to himself against the garage door. The man that home taught my family, and at the first lesson pronounced, "I'm not here to perfect the saints, I'm here to defect the saints."
Clark, without fail always bore his testimony the Sunday after the holidays. He would boldly proclaim (for about 20 minutes) he was going to find out who did 'Secret Santa' to him that year. One time, he bore his testimony, not during the holidays, to tell us all about how he had gotten stuck in his closet after acting on his prompting to "pray in secret." There is nobody like Clark Condie.
**How about the time one special brother brought a camera to church and proceeded to take pictures of the speakers. Yes, he is a grown man, with children.

I could go on for hours. But, I could also go on for days about all the people and experiences that, at the risk of being cliche, have changed me and made me who I am today. Literally. The saying, "It takes a village to raise a child" has never been more true than when directed to Preston 1st Ward--the world's best family.

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  1. I hate that everytime I go home there are new strange people in the ward. But you're right, Clark was extra special. In the days when PHS's track was concrete, he used to run sprints in his polyester pants. He also threw a football to no one. I secretly believe that Uncle Rico was loosely based on him.