Benton, I Only See You

by - 12:10:00 PM

Heidi is turning 20 on Tuesday. Heidi loves Benton Paul. Heidi introduced us to Benton Paul. We all love Benton Paul. We all love him so much, we are his friend on Facebook. Benton made an announcement on Facebook he was performing in Provo at a place called the Velour.

We took Heidi to see Benton Paul for her birthday. We didn't think it was possible, but now we all love Benton even more.
We made it in perfect time to be at the front end of the line. Despite the fact none of us had jackets and we had to wait 45 minutes in the dead of winter, it was perfect timing.
This is the Velour. It's fantastic. It was all stand up and totally personal. Such a fun little place.

Benton in action. Phenomenal. Yes, we were indeed so close we could see just how sweaty he was.

Remember from a previous Benton Paul/David Archuleta entry that I didn't get to meet Benton? Yeah, that was not going to be the case this time. We literally ran to him when he came around the corner. Stalkers? I prefer... "groupies."

Well worth it. Thanks for being born, Heidi and giving us a reason to have this amazing night.

Benton, thanks for being born. Period.

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  1. Although very sweaty, I must admit how cute he is. Don't blame you for stalking him.