Date Night

by - 9:13:00 PM

It was Saturday night. The night before Valentine's Day. Date night.

This is what I was doing:

Thank goodness for girlfriends.
But, on the other hand: this is what I was doing. Something wrong with this picture?
Usually I wouldn't admit to any of this, but, I was single on Valentine's day. For one night I despised romantic comedies. I hated the fact all restaurants were full of couples. I hated that the theatre parking lots were over-filled. I hated that I didn't have a reason to spend hours getting ready. I hated the overpowering desire I had to watch a movie that would make me sob. I loved the night before Valentine's Day--date night.
Then, the North Wind pulled through. Like always. Thank the Heavens for family traditions. Thank the Heavens for friends willing to pull family traditions through.
Thank the North Wind for making this ridiculous, very single, date night almost bearable.

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