Destination: Escape

by - 9:39:00 PM

Spontaneity is beginning to rule my life.
Turns out there is nothing to do in Rexburg...go figure. Last night I was sitting in my apartment on the brink of a nervous breakdown, literally. I grabbed a blanket, turned to Taylor and said "I've GOT to get out of here." So, she grabbed a blanket and followed. We took off in Kia and headed north with absolutely no direction. Then, common sense started to kick in: Kia can't travel very far (she's nearly on her death bed), we only had a blanket and less than a 1/4 tank of gas, not to mention no destination. Doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure out this wasn't my smartest plan. So, we turned around.
Common sense didn't last long. As I pulled back into to Rexburg the sense of imprisonment overcame me again. So, I contacted my dear friend Taylor Clark (not to be confused with female Taylor my accomplice). I asked to borrow his car. Surprisingly, the answer was simply, "Sure, where are you taking it?" Yeah, I was shocked. Totally and completely shocked. I told him I wanted to take it overnight to Mesa Falls to watch the sunrise in the morning. Stupid, right? But, he was serious. By the time I pulled out every blanket I owned he was at the apartment with the car running and warm. What a guy!
He had very few instructions: Have fun, and call if anything big happened to the car.
We were so happy.

We began our little excursion with Cadbury eggs, gummy worms, and some music prescribed by TC himself. We worked our way to the falls only to run into:

A sign informing us the road ended. We pulled into a parking area with a few other cars, wondering why other people were sleeping in their cars too...Then, we headed back down the mountain to the Warm River, only to have Taylor freak me out with suggestions of bears and creepy men. So, we opted to stay with the other cars in the pull off. For heaven's sakes, how bad could they be? They're license plates had references to boy scouts. Yes, we are in Idaho.

Yes, we can take pictures while we sleep. Real talent right there.

We found TC's sunglasses and I couldn't resist. Who said you can't be thug wearing a Preston High School hoodie?

We brushed our teeth, and said our prayers like good girls--only to realize we didn't have water to rinse with. Yeah, dilemma. We made it work. I was rather proud of myself: I even remembered toilet paper. My girl's camp leaders should be so proud.

We let the car run for awhile (actually, until we couldn't' stand the heat any longer) then settled in for the night. It was surprisingly comfortable. I slept soundly until my nose was so cold it started to hurt. Then, we turned on the car and slept for another hour. It was when I woke up the second time that I realized the boy scouts were actually grown men, not sleeping in their cars, but staying in cabins (which we couldn't see in the dark) and had started to unload snowmobiles. We took that as our signal and bowed out.
Somehow this little rendezvous eased my sense of claustrophobia for a little while. That's all I needed. That, and a few good laughs. Mission accomplished.

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