Apparently Much Needed Clarification

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Earlier I mentioned that I was switching schools...and life plans. Let me clarify. I came to college with no idea whatsoever what majoring even meant, really. My major at BYU-ID changed quite a few times in that first year until it finally settled on my passion: Creative Writing. Now, I never said I was talented, I just said it was a passion.
I thought maybe I would go to P.A. school-since I like medicine/health care. My minor became French. The language of love. Ha, I enjoy learning. Really. But, I soon learned I really like learning medicine/health care on the job. I liked the classes well enough...but not enough to compete with the other determined students fighting to get into the programs around here.
Then, I thought, "I really hate school." So, I decided to attend a technical college and complete a Surgical Technician course. This school offers and associates degree with this program. "Fantastic," I thought. So, I completed (or am in the process of completing my general requirements) for the program now. I went to apply and found out the admittance is based only on a "first come, first serve" policy. Since I didn't have my generals done a semester earlier I was too late and must wait another year to apply to the program. No way, Hosea. (Now, I'm not totally writing this off. I'm just...working on something else while I decide if this is what I really want to do.)

SO...I'm headed back to BYU of ID to work on my BA in English: Emphasis in Creative Writing. Possibly with a Health Science Minor.

Don't ask.

If anybody has any suggestions for me. Advice. Words of Wisdom. A few slaps so I'll get my tail in gear. Please contact me. I can be found blogging when I should be studying.

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  1. My mom always told me that education is never wasted. You won't regret getting your bachelor's. That being said, the health field is one of the few not affected by the economy. You'll make more money there than you will in creative writing. But what do I know? I followed my true passion and became an English teacher. And we all know how well teachers do, but I loved it.

  2. You need creative writing to do a good job on your charts. Let's just face it. And to write nasty letters to insurance companies.