Change. It's Inevitable.

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Last semester one of my close friends (who was actually not such a close friend yet) called me, and I quote, "emotionally on edge." I wish I could counter this; I cannot come up with any evidence that this is in anyway false.
Change happens. When this happens it really throws me. The edge of my sanity goes crumbling and I can't even balance enough to be "on the edge." When change occurs I topple over the edge so fast I can't even scramble for a ledge to hold onto.
So much has been changing lately.
1) I changed positions at my job. Back to my old position actually. This time it is obviously with more knowledge and a lot more responsibility, but it's still pretty rough. I was moved to help pick up slack another employee was leaving behind. It's good for the whole office, I guess it's good for me. It takes off a lot of responsibility while I'm going to school full time. That's nice, but it's change; it's kind of a step backwards in my eyes. So, I'm a mess.
2) I swear the rest of the kids my age that didn't get married within the year out of high school all got engaged within 3 weeks of each other. A lot of them to each other. Yuck.
3) My family moved. My family moved while I am up at school. My family moved just a few houses down from our house. Some may think this was a good thing; maybe it would help ease the pain. I use this as an excuse to make the situation even more bitter. I hate driving past the old house when I pull up. I hate leaving my Grammy's and not walking to my back door immediately. Oh well, I guess the new house is nicer...for them.

Things will be changing even more in the next couple weeks.
1) My close friends are leaving Rexburg. Most of them with plans to not come back. Megan is serving a mission, Taylor has decided he is too cool for this place. Point made, I can't name more. I'll hyperventilate.
2) Old friends are coming back. Am I supposed to pick up where we left off?
3) I'm switching schools. Again. And majors. Again. When will I grow up? Yeah, if you find out before I do let me know. I'm wondering the same thing.
As always Disney teaches me all I need to know. In this case Peter Pan's advice strikes home:
1) Never say goodbye because goodbye means going away. Going away means forgetting.
2) All you need is faith and trust...and a little bit of pixie dust.

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  1. Okay, you have got to post about your so-called career change. The marrying young thing actually makes me crazy. If you feel alone, you've got to talk to Marybeth. She was an old maid at 25 when she wed, but she had a house, a piano, a bachelor's degree and a career. I think it's the way to go. Being married and going to school is for the birds. Believe me, I did it. Not fun. I hate change too. People are constantly moving in and out of this place and my best friends are leaving me in June, so I know how you feel. Lost. As for the house change, did you hear about Pippin's depression? Apparently, he has been dragging his tail around. And you think you've got problems.