Joshua Aaron

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This is my baby brother. His name is Joshua. He rocks my world.

Josh just turned eight at the beginning of March. Since he was eight years old he got to make the choice to be baptized a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He chose to be baptized. I am so proud of his decision.
Josh called me on my way home the night before the baptism and asked if I would speak. I'm pretty sure the baton just got passed through the family until it finally landed on me. But, I was glad to do it.

I couldn't help but notice all of the love and support Josh and my family received that day. Family and friends (who are like family) came from all over to support Josh in his decision. This just emphasized to me again the importance of baptism through the right authority.

Since the baptism I have had the same thought replay time and time again in my head: that's the last of them. That's the tail end of the family to be baptized. We're that much closer to being able to enjoy the blessings of the Celestial Kingdom forever. As a family. Because this is the first step towards exaltation: where families, sealed by the right authority, can be together forever.

This has everything to do with our wonderful parents. They have taught us through example and word the importance of living the gospel in our everyday lives. I shudder to think where we would be without the two of them, together, working as a team, carrying this family.
I never made it easy for them to carry me. In fact, sometimes I was figuratively thrashing, trying to get down. But, probably feeling waist deep in mud, they still carried me. I shudder to think one of those times was when I found out Mom was expecting with Josh. I was livid. But, now I think where my life would be without him. And probably worse, where would our family be without him? Incomplete.

I am so grateful for Josh's decision to be baptized. I'm also just grateful for Josh. I guarantee my amazing parents weren't the only parents smiling down on him that day.

I know I couldn't have gotten any prouder.

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  1. I remember I was privileged to hold him when he was just minutes old. But you should have seen him lying across two bar stools on his tummy yesterday, howling like a banshee because a wasp was in his shoe and stung him. Come to think of it, I would yell too. I just love that kid.