by - 7:26:00 PM

We started this new thing at roommate prayer (OK, we started this new thing called roommate prayer if you want me to be honest). After we pray we go around the circle and say the best thing that happened to us that day. Yesterday mine went something like, "I talked to Taylor tonight!"
I chatted with good ol' TC last night for quite awhile. I would say I always adore him, but that would be a lie. Sometimes he drives me insane. But, last night, like most nights, I adored him.
I love how freely we can talk. I vaguely remember making the statement, "And that's why we're best friends." Ain't it true? We tell each other everything the other needs to hear (or doesn't want to hear), set goals for each other, and he makes me laugh.

I used to claim I would bail at the first sign of him backing off. No way, no how. Not anymore. I'll put up a fight now. That's what best friends would do. He told me.

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