Dreams Do Come True

by - 12:51:00 AM

Meet Breanna. She's my roommate from California (the part no one knows about; she says it's closer to Reno, NV than anything-town population sign reads 35). Breanna is hilarious on so many levels.
One of my favorite things about Breanna is her lifelong dream to find a man who wears a billowing shirt.

Turns out, Breanna owns a billowing shirt. Go figure. Turns out Taylor Clark is awesome, and tried it on for her. At first he was a little lost on how he was supposed to act.

But, he got it down pretty quick. I got a good laugh out of it, and Breanna was happy beyond description. Thanks, Taylor. You pulled through yet again.

Really, the shorts and flip flops totally make the whole ensemble, if you ask me.
(By the way, I'm expecting to die after posting these pictures; enjoy them while you can.)

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  1. Ok so besides this being a bad picture of me I love the blog! My dreams did come true that day!