It's Me. Deal With It.

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I am taking 12 credits online this semester. Partly so I can get my office manager off my back for a semester, partly so my paychecks are pretty once again, and partly so I don't have to get annoyed with teachers or the kid sitting next to me that snaps his gum.
I guess I was wrong to assume that since it was online we wouldn't have to to do the ridiculous 'get to know you' junk...apparently that is inevitable. My professor asked us to post a blog on the discussion board introducing ourselves. Someone gag me.

I guess I should have looked at some of the others that were posted before I submitted mine. Now I'm the freak in the class.

Most sounded like this: "My name is Bob Jones. I'm from Utah, I'm an English Ed major and am almost done with school! I can't wait to meet all of you!!"

This was mine: "My name is Alyssa Harrison. I am from the best place on Earth--Preston, ID (obviously). I am the oldest of seven, and love every second of the chaos. Spontaneity runs my life. It's hard to say what I do for 'fun' because my fun happens in the moment. I love to laugh and I am a firm believer there is nothing better than a good friend, Taco Bell, tiger's blood snow cones (with cream of course), or Michael Jackson blaring from the stereo in a car with the windows down. All of those combined make a day comparable to heaven, I'm sure of it. I like playing almost any sport, although my hand/eye coordination doesn't allow for much talent. Writing is my outlet.
"I am majoring in English with and emphasis in Creative Writing. I work at a physician's office in Idaho Falls. I love to learn; so, although the major and occupation are not really related I learn a lot from both."
This nice blurb was not only twice as long as all the other posts, but the picture I decided to post was one of me sporting Taylor Clark's sunglasses-attempting to be thug. Yeah...
I think I am now labeled as the freak in the class.
So, I was dealing with this news when I went back later to see what others had commented on it. The first post I came to read, "What are you doing in this class, you dumb?!" Wow, a wee bit harsh, don't you think? They are supposed to teach kindness at the I. Then, I realized it was from Jessica who happens to randomly be in my class. But, the few minutes it took to have this click were miserable.

I guess that's just me, and people are going to have to deal with it. Including you, dumb.

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  1. I am proud of your creative introduction. The rest of those English ed majors are going to make super lame teachers. And just so you're prepared, even in online classes, there is always that one student who comments to the point of annoyance. The advantage of online school is that you can ignore that person.

  2. Oh Alyssa I love you! I don't think you are are a freak! And I think it is a good thing that you wrote so much because you were also showing your writing! Your great!

  3. I think that you sound exciting and everybody else sounds LAME! I'm sure your teacher will appreciate your creativity instead of the boring old "My name is Joe and I... uh,..."