Little Moments

by - 8:16:00 AM

You know that split second in the morning when you wake up and everything is great? When your alarm clock goes off and for a bright, shining moment you've forgotten everything. That moment right before reality sets in?

Yeah, I love that feeling.

I had gone to bed in a pretty junky mood. Sometimes I get sick of being the girl that "will always be there." The one that CAN be plan 'B' and it'll turn out, because I'll pull through...just in case a date with another girl doesn't. Sure, I'll go through with the birthday plans like normal if your date falls through at the last second; I'll pull through. Especially because, it's so convenient for me to throw the party, as was the last month of planning and trying to come up with something to get for a present (even though it still turned out lame). So, yes, go on a date that night, not with me. I'll be ecstatic for you, because that's what I am supposed to do (as the friend that is). And, yes, I'll still throw a party afterwards. It's your birthday for heaven's sakes.

Wow, Alyssa. Ranting. To a blog. Pathetic, really pathetic.

For some reason this really threw me. I cried last night. Talk about pathetic! This is indeed what my life has come to. I have no idea why I was bawling. Probably a little bit of hormones, probably a lot the change factor (and the fact I have to say goodbye, for what could very possibly forever), probably my feelings were hurt. More than likely: I'm a girl. But, I cried. Like a baby, in front of my roomates, I cried.

So, this morning, I woke up to "She's Got It All" (my alarm had fallen on the floor, so it was halfway through the song by the time I got to it. Sorry, Tanya). For that split second everything was fine. It was a new day. Right before reality set in, everything was amazing.

As my good friend Brad Paisley would say, "Yeah, I live for little moments like that."

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