Master of Deception

by - 1:02:00 AM

April Fool's day was never over looked in our household growing up. We never did huge pranks, but every year Grandma calls and tells us her male dog, Riggy (named after the fact he has rigimortis in his early days, and didn't move...thus: Riggy), had puppies. She still calls and tells us this even though Riggy is dead. She thinks Dad still falls for it every year. Speaking of Dad, he always wakes us up with a supposed "Snow Day" and then laughs as we sleep in and are left scrambling to get ready for school on time.

This year, I've had the chance to get really close with an apartment of guys my ward. I was determined, as a semester full of endless teasing and torment from their end was coming to a close, that I would get them back. So, I claimed I'd received my mission call. Of course, the initial reaction was disbelief, but after awhile I had them fooled (I admittedly let it get too typical of me).

I went as far as to open a call, with my family on the phone and friends gathered around. We had tracked down a packet from a girl in our ward that had just got her call, to make it seem legit. Yes, I am aware I will be struck by lightning for this. I deserve it.

We had a couple of videos, but they got deleted (there's a couple of suspects). Sorry boys, I couldn't help it, and then I couldn't stop it. Thanks for putting up with my torture. The feeling is mutual. :)

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