Pictures of the Big Baptism Day

by - 3:16:00 PM

Since I went home last weekend, I thought I would grab some pictures off the computer. These are from Josh's baptism weekend.

Me and my dolly. She doesn't like to be loved as much anymore, but I love lovin' on Syd.
Just an FYI, Syd has turned into the sassiest person I have ever met (maybe next to Brooke). Almost every statement begins with, "Alyssa, I feel I must be frank with you."

This was what I walked into when I first got home: chaos. I love every second of it. Even Wyatt, Tanya, and Taylor made themselves right at home.

Handsome Josh in his nice suit on his baptism day.

The whole fam-dam-ily. How I adore every one of them.

The parentals with Josh

I love this picture. Mi Madre and Josh... and Josh's look of pure torture.

And of course, it would not be a family gathering without getting the lowdown form Natalie. (or having Kendon hover, waiting to pick on me.)

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