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Yesterday I got asked to hike 'R' mountain. But, that wasn't the end. We then went and got ice cream, played arcade games, and topped it off with a movie. Very fun, but oh...so. long. And, I was exhausted. Not to mention, all that kept playing through my head was all of the junk (and by junk I mean homework) I had to get done. Let's be honest: who really is pleasant after being with the same person for going on 12 hours and part of that spent hiking a mountain? Not me. But, everyone should be proud: at least I tried.
Anyway, I got home to a pleasant surprise: my roommates had bought me a DQ Blizzard. Fantastic. I hadn't eaten since the previous night. I was famished...and I don't use that word lightly.
While I was in the middle of enjoying some tuna on Townhouse crackers (pretty sure this combo is God's gift to the universe), the Sunday school president came by. The Sunday school president happens to be my dear friend Darren. Darren was looking for someone to sub today. Yeah...and he knew I was a sucker.
Quick phone call to Lancey Pance made my day. I love talking to my dad. First thing he said when he answered the phone, "I was just thinking about you." Mind you, he was thinking about who was going to eat his leftover shrimp from Cafe Sabor since I wasn't there. But, I'd had a long day and needed him...so, it made my day nonetheless. I informed him that I had to give the lesson, told him what chapters it was on, and could literally immediately hear the wheels in his head turning. Love, love him.
It went really smooth, much thanks to my padre. Someday, I'll grow up to be just like him. Someday my kids will be able to call me with random chapters in the Old Testament and I'll be able to tell them what they're on without even looking. Because, when I grow up...I want to be just like my dad.

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  1. Alyssa, you are one lucky girl. And I always wanted to be like my dad, too. Wish he was still here cheering me on.