Comma Me This

by - 11:45:00 AM

This semester I am taking all online classes-mostly so I can keep my job. Trying to figure out what the professors expect is kind of rough at the beginning of any semester, let along online. But, I'm doing it. Slowly.

I'm taking a grammar class. Yeah, that's exactly what I thought: disgusting. In this class there are three quizzes every week. You can retake the quizzes as many times as you want and it keeps your highest score. Being me (being a Harrison), I tried about 16 times on the same quiz and kept missing one. This was just not OK. I mean, with the opportunity to get 100%...why not get it?

I came home this weekend to help Haylee get ready for prom. So, last night I headed down to Julie's, pleading for help. Poor Julie, she got sucked in too. We got stuck on the comma quiz. We attempted multiple times, only to get the same results, if not worse every now and then. After about an hour, Julie started muttering things under her breath, she even admitted to considering swearing. I was past the point of consideration.

On one of the last attempts, as she hit submit, Julie muttered, "I'll comma him!"

We settled for the 19/20. All I've got to say is: Thanks, for, letting, me, share, the, torture, Julie!

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  1. They have been haunting me ever since. I WILL conquer commas!

  2. If my mom can't pass a grammar quiz neither can the rest of the world. Sounds like a fun, fun class.

  3. you two make a dangerous combination. I hope richard was in the house to chaperone.
    by the way, alyssa, I love your blog! you are a fantastic writer and your antics make me smile. who needs school...come to florida and be my nanny!

  4. Amy, that offer sounds amazing. I'm buying a plane ticket now. Is tomorrow too soon?

    Yes, the class is miserable. Julie, I don't know if this is good news, but my professor sent out an e-mail yesterday stating there was a fluke in the system making it so the quiz didn't show what answers you missed. She's now changing it. After all that blood, sweat, and tears...