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On Saturday we went on a hike as roommates (and Heidi). We headed out to 'R' mountain for my second go-around this semester. I was hoping it would somehow be a little less steep, but it didn't happen. It did turn out to be a ton of fun with all of the girls though!

Lauren loves to take pictures. And when I say loves, I mean L-O-V-E-S to take pictures. We kept looking back wondering what was taking so long, and turns out it was just the camera. We love her, and her documentation of our every move.
Part of our hike did indeed look like this. I think we may have taken a wrong turn somewhere...I don't remember it being this steep. Heidi kept screaming, "I'm gonna be sick! I'm so nauseated! Literally, I'm going to spew everywhere!" I stood at the bottom for a good 3 minutes proclaiming I was moving into the base of the mountains and not moving; they could bring me food there for the next 5 years, until I got the guts to climb this beast.

But we all survived. And remained thug. Of course.

Like I said, Lauren really likes pictures--thus, she has a really cool camera, that has really cool effects. My mom won't be surprised, but it seems I wasn't blessed with the gift of grace. Instead of landing on my feet after this picture (like the rest of the population would do off a 3 foot jump), I landed on my knees. Literally. I didn't even land on my feet, then fall to my knees. I landed on my knees. Pretty embarrassing.
We thought it appropriate to take a "girls camp" picture. Every hike needs one.
Again, Lauren.
Great Saturday bonding with the girls, great work out, what more could you want?

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  1. I always wanted to see what was at the top of R Mountain, mostly because it's supposed to be a dried up volcano.