Monumental Night

by - 8:44:00 PM

Tonight was a big deal, a huge marker, the beginning of summer. Tonight I got my first snow cone of the year. Yes. It was phenomenal.

I had a stressful day. Work was so busy, school is so, so busy. Then, I found out we were supposed to be feeding 17 tonight, and I was cooking. I found that out about 2:00.

Needless to say, the fact that the snow cone shack opened last night is a testimony of a higher power. Tonight was the best night to get a snow cone (despite the fact it's on the verge of snowing here).

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  1. Feeding 17 is like feeding half your family. That is nothing to deserve a pat on the back for. The snow cone sounds great!

  2. How are those commas? I am still steaming about them. I am always here to help. Thanks to the computer, we can do our grammar exercises long distance.