Never A Dull Moment

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Last weekend Tanya and I trekked to P-town. How I love my home, sweet home. The family didn't come until Saturday (Haylee was rockin' it at state track, yet again.). On Friday night we enjoyed a bike ride, ate at Big J's (how I've longed to be reunited with those cheesy bread sticks), went to Michele's bridal shower (which was fantastic, yet almost heart breaking for me), and watched a movie without the stress of homework on the back of our minds.
On Saturday we woke up (at a really late hour), made some breakfast, I wrote a last minute paper, then we went on a scooter ride to my grammy's until my parents got home. It was a rough couple days...

The looks we got from the neighborhood were pretty funny. When they realized it was me, they just disregarded, I'm sure.
Then the family got home. This is what spending an evening, bored, with Morgan, will do.

We were sitting on the couch and I asked Tanya and Morgan what we should do. Tanya shrugged and said, "Whatever!" Morgan sat there for a minute, cross legged on the coffee table, when all of a sudden her head shot up and said, "I know what we can do! Tanya! Do you have roller blades?!" Of course Tanya didn't (she must have forgotten to pack them for the weekend), and we didn't have any adult sizes. So, we made do. If I thought I got weird looks for riding a scooter, I was wrong. Morgan got some pretty hilarious ones. Being towed with a literal tow rope, hooked to a Razor scooter, behind a hearse will do that for you. That is, until they realized it was Morgan (that excuses everything).
We had a great weekend at home. Needless to say, Tanya and I are going to purchase ourselves some scooters this week.
I'm hoping to find a lime green one.

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  1. That has morgan written all over it! Bahahaha!
    This is Tess G. by the way!