...And You Know I Want to Ride Out

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Like I mentioned before, the 24th of June marked the day I became legal. Heidi put it best--in the birthday present she gave me she included a letter. She started the letter by pointing out how old I was, then said, "Now you can do things that are completely irrelevant to us!" Isn't that the truth. Believing in what I do, and having the standards that I do, makes turning 21 just another birthday.
But, Darren wouldn't hear that. He took me at midnight to Maverick (the only thing open at midnight in Rexburg) to buy alcohol (of which we were going to immediately dispose of). But, the story gets better. Not only were we at Maverick (classy, right?), but when I got carded they wouldn't let me buy it because it still said 'under 21' around my picture. We convinced him to pose for a picture anyway.

If you ask me, it made the pathetic Mormon experience that much more hilarious.
My friends rock. Seriously, I couldn't ask for better. They planned a barbecue at the park for my birthday. It was so good, so summery, and the perfect birthday dinner.

All of us on our way to the barbecue

Brynn, me, and Heidi
Blowing out the candles.

I like to call this picture "The Women of 306"
Don't be jealous. This is post picnic and Catch Phrase, and pre Toy Story 3

This is the result of Tanya's instructions to give her a "sexy face" with the windows down.
Toy Story 3--we were too excited for our own good, and the good of the children around us
Ok, so, let's start post Toy Story. It all happened with Brynn's question: "Are we doing anything else spontaneous, or should I go home?" Uhhh...Number 1) It's my birthday. Number 2) It's my 21st birthday. Number 3) Could I honestly say, "No, we're done. Go home."? I think not.
So, we attempted to think of something spontaneous. When that failed, we googled spontaneous things (ironic, right?). The first idea suggested was 'go through a car wash on top of a car.' Please refer to an earlier post from last fall, and you'll see Brynn and I already participated in that.
About this time we realized in order to be spontaneous we would just have to go. So, we hopped in Lauren's car and drove. We ended up on the road leading to R Mountain. Tanya and Brynn had (for some unknown reason) packed the sparking scooters. When we realized this, we came up with the genius plan to tow the scooters behind the car. Our dear friend, the police officer, pulled up about the time we were unloading the scooters. He checked ID and told us to be safe. I even showed him how my scooter makes sparks. I'm sure I looked a little suspicious as I fell off trying to show him; he just told me not to start a fire. After watching him leave, we were on our way.
But, we didn't have a tow rope. So, we used a towel (obviously the smartest choice).
Taylor held the towel from the trunk.
Remember when I said the scooters spark? Yeah, I meant they spark.
Tanya and I on the second attempt.
Turns out a towel wasn't the smartest choice. Could have fooled me.
When I felt us start to separate, I tried to jump off and start running. I didn't realize we were going 15mph. Big surprise--but I can't run 15mph. Especially after jumping off a moving scooter
Tanya tucked and rolled and came back to my rescue. Needless to say, we're both pretty beat up.
The reactions of the girls. Good thing Brynn wasn't worried about me, now we have it documented.

So, we headed home. Upon pulling in, wishing Brynnly a goodnight, and hobbling up the stairs, we realized someone was standing in our apartment. A dear group of boys from our ward had let a squirrel into our apartment while we were gone. When the realized we were gone the majority of them had walked away. All except one, who had stayed and gone through all of our stuff trying to find the stupid animal. We escorted him out, gave them a little taste of their own medicine, and then went to sleep. Assured there were not longer wild animals lurking in our apartment.

Come Friday, I was sitting on the floor in front of the couch, doing my homework, and minding my own business when I heard scratching on the tile in the kitchen. I screamed, "Squirrel!" at the top of my lungs, making Tanya throw her scriptures she'd been reading, and waking Taylor up from her nap. I immediately sprinted to Darren's and recruited him, he followed the urine trail to Taylor's bedroom where it had apparently had a slumber party.


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