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So, there's this group on Facebook called "Overheard at BYU-I." Students post things that they have overheard around campus, in their apartments, in class, etc. Most of the posts are pretty typical "BYU-I" jokes, marriage puns, and so on. There are usually a few that make me chuckle.
Funny enough, they are usually things the professors have said.
See what I mean:
1) In a Family Relations class, using two people for a demonstration.
Prof: "Let's pretend you were married nine months ago, and you just had a baby..."
Student: "Honeymoon baby!"
Prof: "We're LDS. It's more like an afternoon-after-the-wedding-baby." (This was quickly followed by, "I really hope no one has President Clark on speed dial.")
2) "Everyone thinks marriage is so great. They tell you the knight in shining armor will come riding a white horse and sweep you off your feet. What they don't tell you is that once you get home someone has to clean up the horse's shit." --Stephen, Sociology Professor
3) In a Social Problems class, making a list of what to look for in a potential spouse--
Student: "No cougars..."
Brother Smith (Stephen): "I married a 29-year-old, you know what I say about that? GO COUGARS!"
Side note/story: my friend Brynn has had this 'Stephen'--as he has requested to be called--for a couple of classes. He comes home with multiple hilarious stories from his class. For example:
Obviously Stephen has no problem letting a cuss word slip once in a while. Brynn says he's one of the few that laugh out loud in the class (not all that surprising, it's the I). A mother of a rather "Molly-Mormon" (excuse the term) student was attending the class; not only was she apparently there to look out for her daughter, but she was over participating, and it soon became obvious Stephen was getting annoyed. Now, Stephen doesn't wear a wedding band, not for any particular reason, he's very happily married. The mother asked Stephen about 3/4 way through the class, "Why don't you wear a wedding band?" Stephen immediately responded, "It makes it easier to date your daughter."
I love BYU-I. I really do. Part of the reason I love it so much is: these are real life stories.

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  1. Totally agree with #2! and I love the humor because it's nothing more than that! I may get a facebook account just to read these gems. Or you could email them to me?????