First Time For Everything

by - 3:03:00 PM

So, I created this other blog. It's displayed on the side of this screen, but, if you click on it you'll notice it is empty. It's supposed to be a place for me to write hilarious segments of my life. I have this far fetched dream to turn it into a novel someday. Pathetic, unrealistic, but at least with a blog I feel like I'm working towards this dream. Turns out, I have developed this chronic case of writer's block that I can't shake. I've never really had this problem, especially when I've had the desire to write. But I cannot, for the life of me, cannot write!

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  1. Do you need some help? I can think of a few excapades to start out with...

  2. Like how to spell "escapade"?
    HOw about the time the guy called the office and gave you wtmi? Funny for us anyway.

  3. Sorry A! That is just what you get when I hold Lily and try to chicken type. I can't spell like that.