For the Beauty of It All

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This last Saturday we headed to Yellowstone. It was a really long day. I always forget to take into account the hours you spend in the car when you go to Yellowstone--2 hours there, then driving in Yellowstone, then you're that much farther into the park, then 2 back. But, we all felt the same as Brynn. He said, "It's one thing to have a long day outside of Rexburg, actually doing something. It's another to sit in your apartment and have a long day doing nothing." Amen.
It was actually a blast.

Brynn refused to look at the camera for most of the pictures, so we counted our blessings when he would.
Mom would be proud, we were so prepared and packed our own lunches.
Taylor had never been to Yellowstone, so of course we stopped at Old Faithful
We were all pretty anxious, so we stopped along Yellowstone Lake for a little bit.
Uncle Tom's Trail around Artist Point. Steepest, longest, most terrifying stairs I have ever climbed. Lauren counted 425 stairs. Nobody informed me that I would have to climb back up either. I cussed Uncle Tom for at least 423 of them.
I'm telling you, we spent a lot of time together. Apparently Brynn thought it was too much. Don't worry, we coaxed him out of it.
The bear right outside our car. After awhile you get sick of seeing buffalo, but a bear is pretty dang cool.
Inspiration point. I don't know about anyone else, but this would inspire me any day.
It was such a fun day! Everyone started to laugh at me because I was trying to fall asleep on purpose to make time go by faster. They all thought that was a little rude, but I was simply telling the truth. Not only was the boredom getting to me, but who can sit in a car for that long without going a little crazy.
We ended the day with dinner at 10:00 in Jackson at Bubba's. Those poor employees, we were a little crazy. As we pulled back into Rexburg, Brynn got out of the car and stated, "Well, I now hate you all." I'm sure he didn't hate us nearly as bad as he hated himself on Sunday when he was sick all day from the 40 red vines he indulged in.
Thank you Mother Nature for giving us an amazing escape for the day.

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