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Tomorrow marks the day I become legal. I've been in denial. As much as I love celebrating my birthday (I mean, it's a day all about me! Who doesn't love it?), I really feel I'm not ready to age. So, I'm going to propose a question: Am I ready to be turning of age? See for yourself.

This would be me attempting to write a paper. I sat there, curled up in a blanket, for a good 30 minutes. I would repeat over and over how much I hated writing these papers.
While everyone else is being mature, socializing, and enjoying the bonfire, I went exploring. Then I proceeded to (on the request of Tanya) pretend I was locked in a cage.
Let me introduce you to my latest character: this is P. Diddly.
Now, let me ask again: Is it OK, when taking into account the common good of everyone, that I am turning 21 tomorrow?
Yeah...that's what I thought.

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  1. It's not like turning 21 allows you to do anything that 18 didn't allow you to do already besides purchasing alcohol. I'm pretty much certain you aren't doing that so you're still good. If you think that you aren't ready to turn 21 just come visit me and hang out with the new Navy recruits. Oh man do they need some serious help! You are fabulous!