Letters to Life

by - 3:18:00 PM

Dear Work,
I really wish you weren't so slow today. But, I'm glad I'm getting paid to be bored.

Dear Home,
I miss you. I can't wait to reunite on Thursday.

Dear Self,
Why is it so hard to be the person you want to be?

Dear Missionary,
I kinda want a letter from you. It's been a really long time. Too much to ask? I hope not. It takes a lot for me to admit this.

Dear Homework,
I refuse to do you. Seriously. I can't even talk myself into consulting you.

Dear Blog,
Thanks for letting me spill my guts and for letting me tell you about my terribly boring life.

Dear Michael Buble,
I really like your song "Haven't Met You Yet." But, I really don't want to relate. Most days I like to relate. Not today.

Dear Jr. Bacon Cheese Burger (minus the cheese),
You made me feel really, really sick. Never again will I indulge.

Dear Family,
Sometimes you really bug me. Today, I wish you were bugging me.

Dear Sunday School Class,
I kind of like teaching you. I know it's weird. It just gives me a sense of satisfaction when the lesson goes well.

Dear Best Friend,
I love you. A lot. But, I really wish you didn't tick me off so often. I also wish I wasn't a jealous person. But mostly, I wish you weren't so great so I didn't have to get jealous.

Dear Roommates,
Thanks for putting up with me. I'm a mess. But you're not. I love that you pretend to love me even though I'm a stress case of a mess.

Dear Mission,
What should I do about you?

Dear Cute Cousins,
I was looking at pictures of you today. I wish you weren't so cute so my children would have a chance.

Dear Bank Account,
Please learn how to duplicate the money I put into you.

Dear Clothing Stores,
Please make all your clothing free to me. [See above letter.] My wardrobe is starting to hurt me when I look at it.

Dear Weight,
If you want to just start falling off, that'd be great.

Dear Life,
You're not all that bad. Sometimes I think you are, but you're not. I have a lot of blessings.

Yours Truly

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