My Life Be Like

by - 11:15:00 AM

I'm pretty sure there has been a movie made about my life. It's called "My Best Friend's Wedding." I adore this movie, I think it's because it will be my life; there is no doubt about it. The problem is, I don't know how to prevent it, or stop it.

My own best friend and I were discussing it the other day. Well, we were discussing in voices that were progressively raising, and he was getting a little irritated, and me a little emotional (surprise, surprise). This topic has been the start of much controversy in many conversations lately.

Truth be told, I just don't know how not to be one and the same with the jealous Julianne Potter. I love that I am the one he turns to, and I love that I know he is always there for me, and claims to love me. Always. Even when I don't deserve it. One time he told me he hates taking second place with me. He comes first to me, and if someone bumps me out of my first place position with him, I become second. Yikes, I'm officially a freak. Bottom line: I don't want to give up my title as best friend, because he'll still be mine.
We all know I'm pathetic by now, so I'm going to stop. A lot of it is the change factor. Again. It will change, and right now it's just the way I like it. Oh well...

So, for now, I'll enjoy the moment, and not take for granted just how good I've got it. Just know: I'm really going to need someone to be a George in my life.

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