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by - 8:05:00 AM

Yes, this is really happening.

There's a Facebook page, an official website, and a movie with and introduction to the Bachelor himself. The opening line says, "BYU-Idaho, where students are always on the search for their eternal mate." The bachelor informs us that he, "Is blessed," then continues on, "no, really I am, like a lot. a lot." He tells us he loves his mom, and children, and a girls has to love God more than she loves him.

This is no joke. This is The Bachelor...BYU-I style.

Keely and I were finding it quite humorous last night; I still can't stop laughing. What I would give for someone to sign up and sabotage it...

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  1. My guess is that they wont be offering "The Fantasy Suite" in this series. I always thought Mormon Housewives would fascinate people. Shall we spearhead it? Perhaps we could cast the women of Oakwood Drive.