Good Thing We Aren't As Lame As We Seem

by - 4:12:00 PM

Friday marked two decades since the day of Tanya's birth. I wanted her to break down like I did last year, but that's not how Big T works. I love Tanya. A lot. She rocks. So, we decided to kind of surprise her. It wasn't a big deal. But, it was all of her favorite people, and food, and drinks, and, yeah.
We woke up and made her french toast. Then we woke her up to eat it with us. Then she went to class like the responsible adult she is, and we scrambled to pull last minute things together.
Then, she came home and we acted like nothing was going on.
We did a really good job.
Poor Tanya, I felt so bad for her. She kept saying she had no plans. And we kept playing along. So, I told her I needed to run errands, but I was sure I would have time to get chips and salsa and drinks at Gringo's with her. So, we trekked out. All the while she was thinking she was running errands for her birthday.

Our waitress was the worst photographer. Seriously. She should never be allowed to touch a camera. Ever. But, we had fun. Once again, poor Tanya. She was starving and I wouldn't let her eat. Not because I'm abusive, but because the whole time this was going on.
Tanya's favorite is sandwiches. Jimmy John's sandwiches mostly. Don't worry, she's not too lame. Just her favorite foods are lame. So, we had Jimmy cater. He did a pretty good job.
As I was already acting nonchalant, I gave her my supposed present: a first aid kit (just in case of another birthday incident), a picture of us, and a burned CD of Toby Keith. Lame. But she covered up her disappointment pretty well, and acted excited. Luckily, I'm not lame. So, we listened to a Toby for a minute before I cornered her in the kitchen and asked her if she liked the CD. She said she loved it. Good thing, cause then I gave her the tickets I had purchased for us to see Mr. Keith live. Then she got really excited. I really like making people really excited. I asked her to go with me, but it sounded a lot like a marriage proposal. So, I asked her to marry me too (sarcastically, obviously). She said yes.
My good acting/white lying skills, the fact the party was in the middle of the day, and our indifference to the whole day pulled off the surprise pretty well.
Later, we played pool (it's quite the show when Tanya, Taylor, and I play), and went to the drive in.
I love Tanya. We all do. But, I especially do. She means the world to me. I'm glad I know her. And I'm glad she was born, so that I could know her...and so we could party.

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