Thinking About You

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Dear Future Husband,

Last night I was talking to my old friend from high school. His name is Brooks Moser. Anyway, as we were catching up we started talking about his hunt for a wife. It was mostly joking, but he was talking about characteristics he looks for in a future wife. He's not too picky; he just wants a girl that is chill, and thinks he's funny once in awhile, and can maybe put up with a football game or two. This conversation made me start thinking about you.

Could you please take pictures of me? Like when I look especially good on a Sunday, could you take a picture of me? Not because I ask you to, but just cause you think I look good.

I think you'll really like to help me cook. It's pretty fun when two people help each other.

You'll have to help me brush my hair sometimes. What if you don't help me and I don't feel like doing it anymore, and I don't brush it for 8 months like I did in Jr. high? Yeah, sometimes you'll have to help me brush it. And maybe blow-dry too. That part gets so boring.

I know it will be tough, but you'll have to let me cry just to cry sometimes. And, you may have to embrace the fact that I cry over everything. When I say everything, I mean everything. Speaking of crying, I know it will be hard, but sometimes you have to let me be mad for no reason. For example: when I watch "P.S. I Love You" I get really mad. I get really mad cause she has cute coats, and shoes, and headbands that all match and I don't. Just let me me grumpy; it too shall pass.

You have to understand, Husband That I Don't Know Yet, that sometimes I'll be in a mood to watch a movie, or go for a walk, or play a game, but it can change. Sometimes that change happens so fast that in the same sentence that I'm agreeing to go, I'll refuse to go. Just a warning so you aren't startled.

I really hate doing the dishes. So maybe every once in a while, when I don't want to do the dishes, do you think you could dance with me in the kitchen until I decide that I want to?

I like sports, a lot actually, but you just have to be willing to teach me. I really like watching when I understand, I just don't understand that much yet.

Understand that I don't do anything halfway. I have a million hair products. I over think. I love to daydream, and think about the future. When I have a good hair day, there is nothing that could destroy my mood. Yes, I am such a girl sometimes.

I really like laughing. You know when you get that point when you can't stop laughing? That's when I start to laugh like Elmo. I love that.

I love Sundays. Everything about them, I love. I love getting ready for church, and going to church, and testimony meeting, and lessons that are well prepared. And I love Sunday dinners, and movies, and naps. I love visiting people in the afternoons. I bet you love all of that, too. Don't you?

Sometimes I can't wait to meet you. Do you ever feel the same way?
I'll really love you. I'll love all of you. Every single thing. I know I will.

Guess I'll see you around.

xo, Moi

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