To Do Lists

by - 8:34:00 PM

Do lists really work? I'm going to vote: Yes. Because I don't have a To Do list today, and I have yet to finish a project. Yikes.

On my To Do List:
*Grammar Final
*Literary Analysis Final
*Clean my bedroom
*Pack for the break (which I will not really get, because I have to be responsible and work)
*Finish my D&C final paper
*Put together 2 portfolios for Grammar
*Finish my quiz for literary analysis class
*Work way too much
*Final project for Research/Presentation class
*Sleep sometime
*Mandatory-last-minute roommate bonding
*Meet with the Bishop for the new calling

This list makes me want to over eat and sleep. That's probably what will happen.

Someone save me from myself.

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  1. I am pretty sure you had better just work on that grammar final and cross everything else off your list.

  2. I was going to offer to help by sleeping for you. And actually, I'd be willing to go to work for you a day or two also. Those two things I am totally qualified for. Especially the first one. And what's the calling I missed out on that announcement.