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Today was a gorgeous summer day; one made for floating a river (or a flume), or jumping on the tramp with the sprinklers and dish soap. Instead, I spent my day being a stupid college student and doing lame college things. It went something like this:
2:20 am--rolled over and looked at my clock, wondering why I woke up
2:23 am--realized I was woken up by the sweat dripping down my neck. Tried to re situate
4:34 am--tried to play mind games, convincing myself I was actually not even the slightest bit warm, and that sleep was a great thing
6:45 am--thought about going out on the couch...maybe it would be cooler?
7:40 am--moved out to the couch
8:30 am--woken up by the roommate who works on Saturday mornings
8:54 am--started to fall back asleep
9:10 am--woken up by MJ singing "Smooth Criminal" on my alarm
9:19 am--rolled off the couch
9:21 am--realized I still needed to put away my laundry
9:45 am--took an ice cold shower
9:46 am--decided not to wash my hair so I don't have to blow dry it
9:55 am--sat in front of the fan
9:58 am--think about Sunday and hope everyone sustains me in my new calling
9:59 am--hope they remember to sustain me in my new calling
10:30 am--went to the library
12:24 pm--interrupted Tanya for the 40th time to tell her I was hungry
12:45 pm--got a text from Taylor A. asking what we should do for lunch
1:30 pm--went to lunch at the Crossroads
2:00 pm--headed back to the library
3:30pm--told Tanya I was bored
3:31 pm--headed home
4:01 pm--tried to take a nap
4:32 pm--talked to mom on the phone
5:01 pm--got woken up by Tanya's friend, and left my bedroom
5:42 pm--finally dozed off, still dripping sweat
5:51 pm--got a text from TC, and responded
6:03 pm--got another text, and decided to put my phone on silent
6:36 pm--realized my phone was on vibrate, and got woken up again. Decided to reply to my other messages
6:42 pm--stormed out of the apartment in a very bad mood, to get Morgan liquid Ibuprofen
7:20pm--returned from the store with new eyeshadow, and a Sonic cherry-lime aid, in a much better mood
7:36 pm--headed to Brynn's to make dinner
7:42 pm--invited Mom and Dad to eat with us when they bring Haylee to AFY tomorrow
8:00 pm--ate dinner, while Darren hovered-watching us eat
8:56 pm--realized we didn't have enough food for tomorrow
9:01 pm--went to the grocery store
9:34 pm--got 2 coupons for a dollar off Silk Milk, and got very excited
9:47 pm--called TC
10:17 pm--got very frustrated and hung up with TC
10:49 pm--watched music videos on YouTube
11:20pm--thought about going to bed
11:21 pm--started blogging about my uneventful day instead
11:44 pm--decided I really should go to bed, because I couldn't feel my fingers anymore

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