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One may wonder who this adorable little girl is. She happens to belong to the potential governor of Idaho, who was invited by my almost-overly-lovely father to stay the night with our family.

The potential governor is campaigning, and why would one not attempt to win over the city of Preston during Rodeo Weekend? It was actually quite enjoyable. The children are adorable, their family is so kind. He is so kind, with great intentions. But, my mother and I do share the same genes; after 7 hours of entertaining we are now watching a movie (playing it rather loudly, drowning out all else), and wondering to ourselves why my father was not a major part of the entertaining process? Somehow he gets out of it.

Meanwhile, Morgan is getting ready for her first date. That's right folks. Although the rodeo was rather appealing, this is a large reason I am how this weekend. To witness this. She is going first to the parade. Then to the Rodeo. The perfect first date.

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  1. I believe it was approximately one week ago that she predicted this (the date) would never happen. Hmmmm . . . . . I love it when I'm right.

  2. I thought she was about ten and was wondering why you parents were letting her go.