First Star Tonight

by - 9:26:00 PM

Dear First Star I See Tonight,
::I wish I wasn't alone all weekend. It leaves me to think a lot. And come up with a lot more wishes.
::I wish I had money to get my hair done. It's awful right now.
::I wish I hadn't watched chick flicks all day. And cut cute pictures out of magazines. Now I want somebody to love me. I wish someone would come to my college, fall madly in love with me, and do anything to be with me. Maybe something bad would happen, or someone would sabotage our relationship...but, we would make it. And he would be a really good kisser.
::I wish I had a new car. I really need one. Kia has an official death date.
::I wish I didn't feel so inclined to eat that chocolate bar. I think it made me sick. Then I still ate dinner. I wish I would listen to my body.
::I wish I was tired. 'Cause I'm bored. And sleep makes time go by really fast. Like when we were coming back from Yellowstone this summer. I wanted to go to sleep really bad, because I was bored, and everyone got mad at me. It's really quite innocent.
::I wish I could afford to go to school this semester. I feel really good finally deciding what I want to do. Now I just want to go. That's OK. I'm prioritizing--something my dad says I need to work on.
::I wish I had some new brown boots to wear with my brown dress. I wish Female Taylor was still living with me next semester.
::I wish I did cool things like my roommate does. Her name is Kaylee. She runs marathons. And she arranges flowers. Like these: ::I really wish I would have filled up my water bottle and put it in the fridge. Now I'm thirsty.
::I wish I could see my brothers and sisters. I wish I could watch them run every race they run. I love it. I really love it 'cause they're so good at it. And 'cause they love it.
::I wish I could be more like my Grandma Harrison. She's always so happy. And she goes on a lot of dates.
::I wish I had enough money to travel the world and help little kids who don't have enough.

Think you can handle this, First Star? I'd appreciate it. I'll probably talk to you again tomorrow night.
Yours Truly

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  1. That is definitely a several night first star list. And it doesn't ask too much. Seriously.