I Wanna Talk About Toby.

by - 5:50:00 PM

I almost backed out of going to see Tanya and go to the Toby Keith concert with her. Multiple times actually. When my tire blew I cried. It was the last straw. But, my excitement dragged me to Utah. Best decision. Ever. Seeing Tanya, seeing Toby made me feel complete.
I was terribly excited. I screamed when he sat up in the back of the Ford (I thought it was original, but apparently it's been done before), and sang every song. I got overly excited when he started singing "Beer For My Horses."

Luckily, Tanya was equally excited.
Pictured below: Tanya while they were announcing Toby. One of 5, 874 reason we're friends.

Despite the fact that two-single-Morm-girls made for the prime target for the drunken hicks, it was an amazing night. The fact that James Otto AND Trace Adkins opened for Mr. Keith obviously didn't dim my enthusiasm.

I miss Toby. And Tanya. Hopefully someday soon we'll reunite.

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