It's Obvious Why It's Famous

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Preston has a rodeo. It's called: "That Famous Preston Night Rodeo." Not only is there a rodeo three nights in a row, but there is a parade and a carnival all three nights as well. The parade tends to be about the same (Except on Saturday night there is milk given out. One can only imagine how good ol' Andrea acts in this situation. hint: picture all seven Harrison children lined up down the block to gather as many milk jugs as possible, that's how she handles it). Surprisingly, we go to the parade every night, as does most of the town I'm sure. I was never really sure mom hates parades, as do I, and it's the same thing. Then, this year it dawned on me, so I made a small attempt to capture what makes the Preston Parade, aka, the reason we go all three nights.
See the pictures below:

On the way to the parade
The need for an umbrella is necessary--in order to provide shade for oneself.
At least, that's what I thought....

until I saw this brilliant contraption. Beauty, ain't it?

The parade would not be complete without Preston's finest educator: Mr. Harrison. It dawned on me this year how regular he has become in the parades; this light bulb clicked when Josh (who always accompanies him), started reciting the line-up to me. Whether it's for school, or fair board, or supporting the governor (as he was this year, I mean, he kind of had to...the man was sleeping under our roof), Mr. Lance Harrison finds his way into the parade.
I think we were all grateful we got to witness these lovely ladies.
The grown man, with over grown facial hair, tinted red...riding the midget horse.

This lady, dressed in the fully bedazzled-cowgirl-get-up was well past 60. She had to be. Gorgeous.

The famous milk truck was driven by the local with the carefully trimmed curly blond mullet.

I never thought I'd see a horse with a fro, but I stood corrected.

And last, but certainly not least: the sign on this horse read, "The outside of a horse is good for the inside of a woman." Enough said. Take it or leave it. (I left it.)

This post is written with tender, loving care. It is not meant to offend, or belittle. I only want to show my appreciation, and love, for That Famous Preston Night Rodeo Parade and all those who grace us every year.

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  1. Face it. It's just fun because it is. And tradition. What else is there?

  2. I feel a little sad that I missed Friday's parade. Amusing indeed.

  3. p.s. Maybe next year the Star Wars crowd should ride horses.